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Top Tips to help your child perform with confidence- Parenting Coach Caroline Rowett

20 February 2020 - 0 comments

We recently met with Caroline Rowett, a expert parenting coach. Below Caroline has identified 8 ways you can help your child perform with confidence.

Tips for Parents of Performers

  1. What are your expectations of your child’s performance? Parents face a lot of judgement and so may feel validated when their child behaves well and performs well. Be honest with yourself, are you needing your child’s perfect performance? If you are, understanding and dealing with your own need is the first step to ensuring that the messages you are giving, consciously or unconsciously, support rather than pressurise your child.
  2. What assumptions are you making? They could be anything from: if my child forgets the lines everyone will think I’m a rubbish parent; to if my child isn’t talented everyone will know I’m not either. You don’t need perfect children to prove your worth. Understanding what thoughts drive our actions and knowing how we can change those thoughts can free us to have the confidence to be ourselves and let our children be themselves.
  3. Spend a moment finding your inner calm and if you can’t – fake it! Children can be amazingly sensitive to how we are feeling and if you are nervous, they may well follow suit.
  4. Spend time observing and noting your physical reactions to your feelings in different situations. Sharing experiences of how you calm your butterflies or slow your breathing can help your child see their options. If you share experience rather than advice, your child can take what might work for them, without feeling pressured to do as you say.
  5. If you suspect or know your child will be anxious about performing, do your homework. Research online or speak to your child’s drama teacher about tips that help. Explore the options with your child to discover what works for them.
  6. Put things in perspective. A show can be all consuming for you both but by talking about things to look forward to after the show – an upcoming holiday or birthday party for example, you can help take the pressure off.
  7. Get organised. Make sure uniforms are ready, jazz shoes are where they should be and you have plenty of time to get to the performance to avoid stress. Allow time to check in with strategies for calm if you know they are needed.
  8. Tell them you love them! That you have no doubt they are going to be just fab and to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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