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Spotlight on… Jade our ‘Marketing Assistant’

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

My Spotlights journey began in 2012, and it has truly been the best thing to of happened to me! Little did I know that 8 years on I would be completing my university placement working at the Spotlights office as a ‘Marketing Assistant’.

I first joined Spotlights in 2012, I had been looking for a theatre school to join in my local area. I originally joined another stage school as my friend was already a student, but I left just after 5 months. I felt that no one was really given a fair chance when it came to castings for productions. When I attended my trial Spotlights immediately felt like a family environment. I really admired how at Spotlights everyone is given an equal chance, no matter your age you were always given your own part together with your own dialogue.

Looking back, my favourite Spotlights memory has to be when I was cast as Nancy in the 2013 production of ‘Oliver’. Since it was in my first term at Spotlights, I never thought I would be cast as the lead. I absolutely loved the production and performing my solo. ‘Oliver’ will have always have a special place in my heart. After leaving Spotlights at the age of 16 I later completed some work experience assisting in the Saturday Little Stars classes. Initially I wanted to add some experience to my CV and what better way to do so by shadowing a class. I learnt more about how the Little Stars perform shows every term which helps them grow in confidence.  After about 6 months I was then asked to become an Assistant Little Stars Teacher I absolutely loved seeing the imagination of the 4-6 year old’s, and not to mention their infectious energy and enthusiasm too!

During my time at Spotlights, I have also assisted at many Summer Schools including, ‘Trolls, Sing and Toy Story 4’. Looking back, I think ‘Trolls’ was one of my favorites the children were so excited about performing the show. They already knew the lyrics to all the songs before we had even started learning them on the first day!!

I’m now in my third-year studying ‘Media and Communication’ at Bournemouth University. I‘m currently on my placement at Spotlights as a ‘Marketing Assistant’ which I’m absolutely loving!. Some of my responsibilities include writing copy for promotional material, scheduling social media posts, writing weekly blog posts and other general admin. My placement enables me to gain experience, putting my learning into a professional environment.

Lastly my advice to anyone thinking about joining a performing arts school, is to just go for it. Attending a new class can be scary especially stepping out of your comfort zone. Spotlights is run by professional and friendly teachers that will be sure to make you feel at ease, at Spotlights every student is valued, and no one is overlooked.

If you would like to find out more about our classes and how we help students realise their potential please get in touch.