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Lucy stars in ‘Last Christmas’ Movie

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Our Spotlights student Lucy Miller stars in the hit new Romantic- Comedy ‘Last Christmas’ alongside Henry Golding, Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson. The film is based on the hit Wham! song of the name, paying tribute to George Michael. The story follows a young woman Kate (Emilia Clarke) who is a bundle of bad decisions working as an Elf in a Christmas department store. When Tom (Henry Golding) walks into her life it all seems to good to be true. The film is a heart-warming tale of self-discovery and learning that you’ve gotta have faith, faith, faith, faith!

Lucy tells us all about her incredible experience of starring in her first feature film. What the audition process was like, her first day on set and how it felt to be working alongside Dame Emma Thompson.

Lucy Miller- Interview for ‘Last Christmas’

Q. Hi Lucy, it’s great to see you! Congratulations on your role in ‘Last Christmas’ I can’t wait to see it. Can you start us off by talking us through the audition process?
A. I had originally been told about the casting through my agent, Monnie. Then a week later I got told that the casting director wanted to invite me in for an audition.  A couple of weeks later I travelled up to London with my Mum. Within 10 minutes of being there, I was called in. The casting director first asked about my hobbies and interests, and then I had to do some camera work, recording my eye movement and facial expressions. It was over very quickly and within a month I found out I had been cast as ‘Young Marta’.

Q. How do you think attending Spotlights Theatre School helped you with the audition process?
A. I have been coming to Spotlights for over 5 years now, and my confidence has grown a lot! The drama lessons have helped me to develop my social skills, whilst meeting new people. I have also been able to develop my dancing and singing skills through the classes, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Q. Can you tell us about your first day on set?
A. It was so exciting, as I had never been on a set before! It was a new experience and there were so many people involved. It gave me a new depth of understanding about what it takes to produce a film. There are so many shots that must be done. You must do 10 seconds of the script about 10 times, so they get all the correct shots, I never realised how long it took!

Q. What was it like working alongside Emma Thompson?
A. So much fun, she is lovely and so kind and caring! When I first walked into hair and make- up she immediately came up to me to make sure I was okay. She also spoke to everyone on set, not just the actors.

Q. Favourite memory from being on set?
A. Hmm… It has to be getting to meet Emma Thompson and getting to see her acting skills firsthand. She is just amazing!

Q. Are you excited to see the film this Friday?
I am so excited; I can’t quite believe I was in a film! My mum is hiring out the local cinema so all my friends and family can watch it together for the first time. Then after she has organised my very own after- party to celebrate!

Q. What’s the best thing about coming to Spotlights?
A. It’s got to be that the friendships I make, I know are going to be with me for life.

Q. Finally, any tips for other young performers in getting a role in a film?
A. Always do your best and understand that you might not always get a yes but don’t let that affect your confidence or stop you from achieving your dream. Eventually something is sure to come along at the right time.

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