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New to Spotlights? Here’s our Top 5 things you can expect on your first day.

8 January 2020 - 0 comments

We all know the feeling of doing something for the first time. Joining a new club or taking on a new activity can be exciting for some children for others doing something new can be a little bit nerve wracking.

If your booked in for a free trial with us don’t worry! You are going to have lots of fun.

Here are our Top 5 things that you can expect on your first day at Spotlights.

A Friendly Welcome
A member of our team will be waiting for you at the door ready to take you to meet your new classmates. We will then check with your parents that all your details are correct, but you don’t need to worry about that! Just be ready to have fun and come with lots of energy!

Family Atmosphere
At Spotlights we are all like one big family! From your first day you will be assigned a buddy someone who is already a student at Spotlights. They will look after you during your session, helping you to feel more confident and at ease giving you the opportunity to make new friends.

Inspiring Teachers
You can expect friendly faces and bubbly personalities. All of our teachers are professionally trained and have worked in the industry.

Fun and Engaging class
During your trial you can expect to play lots of games that help to you to focus, be creative and develop your confidence. We will also start teaching you some content for our upcoming shows ‘Frozen 2’ (for children aged 4-6) or ‘We will Rock You’ (for children aged 7-18). You will have the opportunity to start learning the songs and dances from the production within your class.

A break!
Half way through our classes we have a break, an opportunity to refresh yourself. We recommend that our Little Stars (ages 4-6) bring a small snack and a drink. For our main school who have 2-3 hour sessions, it’s worth considering bringing a couple of snacks and lots to drink!

Finally, …

After your Trial is over our teachers will speak to your parents about how your trial went. The following week we will follow up with a phone call offering you a place and your Spotlights journey can begin!


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