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Spotlight on the Lam family

14 July 2016 - 0 comments

We recently caught up with the Lam family to find out how Morgan (age 11) and Lexi (age 4) have been doing in our drama, dance and singing classes in Orpington.


Morgan has been coming to Spotlights since she was little and her younger sister Lexi has recently joined.  We wanted to know what attracted their mum, Lee, to Spotlights in the first place:

“I wanted somewhere that was fun for children, to use their imagination and promote self-confidence.  The attitude of the teachers is brilliant, really treating the children on their level, and helping them feel great about themselves”.

It is always interesting to hear what children themselves say to their parents about our classes.  Morgan and Lexi, “both love how each dance or song is taught to them.  Morgan now loves that she is asked to demonstrate some songs and her confidence has grown because of it.  Lexi loves the drama games and really gets involved in the story that is being told”.

We love the fact that we get lots of friends of current parents bringing their children to a free trial class.  Lee tells her friends, “the classes are professional but fun – they get the combination of discipline and fun right.  Other parents are always asking why my children are so confident, and I tell them that Spotlights has helped them realise how to lose nerves and realise that they can do anything”.

When we plan our lessons in drama, dance and singing we make sure that every child is given opportunities to build their confidence in each discipline.  It’s great to hear that Morgan has benefited from this, “her confidence has gone up a great deal.  Morgan started when she was very little and hadn’t become self conscious, but I know that there were times when her friends were becoming very shy and anxious and she hasn’t and I think this is due to the Spotlights methods”.

As well as our regular tuition in drama, dance and singing we like to offer students further opportunities to develop drama skills through exams judged by LAMDA or by being part of our agency with opportunities to audition for professional work in film, TV and theatre.

We are very proud that Morgan has been successful in her drama exams and winning auditions for roles on TV.  We are pleased that Lee agrees, “Morgan has completed 5 LAMDA exams and it has definitely helped her understand the process of drama more, and how to apply herself to a piece of drama that is more serious, and what is required”.

“Morgan has attended several auditions and has been lucky to get a couple of the parts.  The process can be quite daunting, but Spotlights has always prepared her well, advising her of the format and content of the audition, what the part is for and they are happy to spend time with her beforehand to make sure she feels her best when she goes in”.

If you would like to find out more about how our drama, dance and singing classes can help your child please get in touch.





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