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Top Tips for helping your child learn their lines!

29 January 2020 - 0 comments

Some children can find learning lines to be a little difficult, with that in mind we have put together a list of our Top Tips. We don’t want our students to feel like learning their lines is a chore or that its more homework to add to the pile. Therefore, we hope our Tips will help make learning lines fun and enjoyable. Remember being part of a production is so exciting and every one of our students has their own chance to shine!

10 Minutes
Helping your child learn their lines doesn’t have to take hours and hours, simply set aside 10 minutes each day. Remember your child can practice wherever, whenever. You could ask your child to read you their lines in the back of the car, or even whilst you’re doing the washing up. Helping your child with becoming familiar with their lines will speed up the process of learning them when they need too.

Record the Lines
Use a device to record your child saying their lines, this can either be done as their character or simply just reading the lines without any expression. This is an easy yet effective way of your child being able to listen to their lines repeatedly. Studies have suggested that our brain absorbs information quicker in the evening before going to bed. You could even listen to them in the evening together before your child goes to sleep.

Learn the cue Lines
We always suggest to our students that as well as learning their own lines they should attempt to learn the cue lines as well- these are the lines that lead into your child’s. From them knowing their cue lines they will be prompter and more confident when delivering their lines on stage.  

Quiz your child
Use a scrap piece of paper to cover up everything but one of your child’s lines. Ask them to keep reading the line to you. Once you think your child feels comfortable enough, ask them if they feel confident enough to try and recite the line without looking at it and if they can move on to one of their next lines and repeat the steps.

It is important to remember that we are a team, who support each other. It is important to us that our students have fun in their rehearsals. We do encourage that our students attend our classes during the rehearsal period, as this will also help them with learning their lines through active learning.

Children who attend Spotlights Theatre School regularly have opportunities to take part in musical theatre shows. Your child is welcome to attend a FREE trial class at any of our venues.


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