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Spotlights students rehearsing drama

Spotlights Guide to Rehearsals – Our Top 10 Tips

20 February 2018 - 0 comments

Our Star 12&3 students age 7-16 will soon be presenting their productions of The Wizard of Oz.  Right now we are in the thick of the rehearsals.  Here are our top 10 tips for getting the most out of rehearsal process.


The casting has been announced, everyone knows which role they’re playing, the rehearsal process can really begin!

Check out these golden rules, that will help you be a star in rehearsals:

(1) Be prepared!

Read through the whole script, so you understand the story you’re working on. Read through your lines, sing through your songs and practice your dance steps. The more you prepare, the more confident you’ll be in rehearsals.

(2) Makes notes – in pencil

Bring your script and a pencil to each rehearsal. In pencil, in your script, write down any stage directions or notes you’re given. The directions may change as you work on the show, so write in pencil, not pen. When you get home, practice your material and the directions you’ve been given.

(3) Make courageous decisions       

Make choices and decisions about your character, that are brave and bold. The director/choreographer/singing coach will tell you if you’ve gone too far. Interesting character choices are fun to watch on stage and you’ll have fun playing them.

(4) Learn the language of the stage   

The director will speak in the ‘language of the stage’ during the rehearsals. They’ll ask you to move downstage centre or upstage right. Make sure you know what these directions mean. If you’re not sure, ask them and they’ll help you understand these terms.

(5) There are no small parts       

It doesn’t matter about the size of the role you’re playing or the numbers of lines you have. In each production, everyone can shine. If you approach each rehearsal with energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, you’ll stand out on stage and the audience will love your performance!

(6) Be a good team player

An essential part of a successful production is being a good team player. Remember to look after each other and be supportive of others. Kind words of praise and encouragement can really make a difference.       

(7) Focus and energy

There may be times in rehearsals when the director/choreographer/singing coach has their attention focused on another actor. Make sure that when it’s your turn to rehearse your scene/dance/song, that you’re ready. Make sure you’re focused and full of energy. Rehearsal time is precious and every second counts.

(8) It’s okay to make mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes in rehearsals, that’s what they’re for. Don’t worry if you don’t achieve what you set out to achieve, the first time you do it, keep trying and keep smiling!

(9) Learn your material

Learn your material as quickly as you can, this will give you the maximum amount of time in rehearsals, to work on your material without having to think about what you do or say next. This will help you to deliver a natural and convincing performance.

(10) Have fun and enjoy the process

Decide to have fun and enjoy the rehearsal process and you will learn so much, not only from what you’re doing, but you can learn so much from others too.

If you know a child who would like the opportunity to perform and take part in shows please get in touch and ask about the next date for a FREE trial class.


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