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11 June 2021 - 0 comments

2020 and 2021 presented us with a challenge; to prepare children for their group and solo acting LAMDA exams on Zoom with far less time to work together in the rehearsal spaces. Despite these challenges, we are delighted to share with you that all our Spotlights students that took their group acting exams in April 2021, have achieved Distinctions, with one group achieving 96% for their LAMDA exam results.

Our students that took solo acting exams also in April 2021, achieved Distinctions and Merits, again, these are fantastic results. These results are a reflection of the commitment, dedication and hard work of our amazing students and teachers.

We asked the children to reflect on their achievements and to share what they enjoyed about the experience and what they feel they’ve learnt about themselves. A common response has been that it’s helped them to gain confidence and believe in their abilities. We are so proud that this is what they’re taking away from this experience.  

Spotlights students attend LAMDA classes, in addition to their weekly training in dance, singing and drama. LAMDA classes are open to students aged 7 to 18. Students taking solo exams, can use their grades for entry to University, as they count as UCAS points. The classes focus purely on drama and developing acting skills.

The lower grades (Entry Level to Grade 3) look at skills such as characterization, vocal techniques such as speaking with clarity of diction and demonstrating an awareness of the relationships between the characters. The students work on scripts that they love performing and are able to play a wide variety of characters.

The higher grades (Grades 4 to 8) become more challenging in terms of what the children learn, for example they look at the movement, posture, stance and gestures that portray the style and period of the scenes and monologues they present. This summer we are offering your child the opportunity to try out one of our LAMDA classes. Children that are also attending weekly Spotlights (dance, drama & singing classes) will be considered. If you’re interested in booking a free trial class, please get in touch.


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