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Charlie and the chocolate factory for 4-6 year olds

Calling all 4-6 year old Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Fans

12 August 2016 - 0 comments

This September the theme of our Little Stars classes for 4-6 year old’s is based on Roald Dahl’s classic story – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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Each week we will be looking at the characters from the story and through drama games and exercises your child will have the opportunity to role-play a day in the life of their favourite character.

Whether your child loves Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop or Willy Wonka himself we will inspire them to explore this magical world using their imagination.

Our drama games are specially designed to fully engage your child and we only measure how much fun they are having and not who the “winner” is!

The first building block of our STAR system is “S” for Self-confidence and whether your child is a natural performer or a little shy we make sure they have the opportunity to shine in class.

We develop your child’s self-confidence each week.

Each class includes singing and after we have carefully warmed up your child’s voice they will start to learn some of the songs from this story.

We know that some kids love singing and others are less confident.  The “T” in our STAR system is Teamwork.  Teamwork is really effective in group singing.  We allow all the children in a class to work together as a group and help each other learn lyrics.

Your child will learn how to tell this story in a creative way by singing in character.  The confident singers in the class have the opportunity to sing solo or in a duet.

The “A” in our STAR System is Active learning – this is learning by doing.  This is really key in dance.

Each Little Stars class includes dance training.  Your child will learn how to warm-up their body correctly.  They will learn a dance in a musical theatre style and another dance to some of the latest pop tunes.

Your child will learn dance steps taught by a professional teacher with a background in performing arts.

It’s then our job over the course of the term to bring all this learning together.  The “R” in our STAR System is Realising potential.  Your child will realise their own potential by attending these fun and creative classes each week.

So why not give your child the golden ticket to our fantastic training in drama, dance and singing this September.

Classes in Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon, Orpington and West Wickham.

We offer a no obligation FREE trial class to all new students.  Get in touch to book or sign up for our monthly newsletter to be first in line for our performing arts news and our latest offers.


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