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Little Stars Summer Term- ‘The Lion King’ for 4-6 year Olds

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Get ready to roar!! This Summer Term our Little Stars (children aged 4-6) will be performing ‘The Lion King’. Our classes will see the children bringing to life the much- loved characters of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa as they embark on an unforgettable journey to Pride Rock.

Through our tailored lessons our ‘Little Stars’ can develop their dancing, singing and acting skills gaining the confidence to perform on stage in front of an audience at the end of the term. During the term they will play games, and complete fun exercises themed to the ‘The Lion King’ an exciting way of introducing the story.

We provide fantastic costumes for each child at no extra cost, so you won’t have to worry. At Spotlights it’s important to us that every child has a part to play with their own script and lines of dialogue. Every term we choose a production that you and your child can have easy access to, a musical that is current and relevant. The Lion King has been on in the West End for nearly 21 years, and it still remains a classic tale to young children today.

To join in the fun book your child a FREE TRIAL for our Summer Term (from 20th April 2020). For further details complete a contact form or call 020 8460 5711